About MedGen

Our Legacy: Over 20 Years of Excellence

MedGen® Pharmaceutical Laboratories is an accredited, independent testing services and calibration company located in Irvine, CA. Since 1991, customers world-wide have counted on Lab Testing for accurate, affordable materials testing and nondestructive testing services. They get certified test results with answers about material properties, characteristics, weaknesses, defects and composition. We specialize in metals testing services, but also perform chemical analysis of samples ranging from powdered metals, ores and ferroalloys to composites, ceramics and specialty materials. Calibration services, test specimen machining, failure analysis investigations and materials engineering services are also provided for “one-stop” convenience.

When Time is of the Essence

Your time is money, so save time by working with a single company for all your needs! MEDGEN PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES eliminates costly bottlenecks and delays by consolidating all materials testing, nondestructive testing, calibration services and machining operations in a single, state-of-the-art facility that incorporates the right equipment, techniques and expertise. Look to MEDGEN® PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES for quick service and reliable results. Your orders will be completed in the timeliest manner, without compromising quality.

Experts Working for You

Receive the most accurate assessments of strength, durability, reliability, longevity, capability and effectiveness from our employees and impressive array of computerized equipment. For 25 years, Laboratory Testing Inc. has maintained a solid reputation as an industry leader by consistently reinvesting in the best technology and professionals to ensure the highest quality laboratory services and reliable results. Our team of over 115 chemists, engineers, metallurgists, machinists, certified inspectors and administrative personnel work together to deliver superior services, support and – yes – solutions for our clients. Let the qualified people at MEDGEN PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES collaborate to solve your complex problems and provide exceptional results.

Unparalleled Convenience

Streamline your orders by working with a single facility like Laboratory Testing Inc. As one of the few “one-stop” testing and calibration companies, our clients rest assured knowing that MEDGEN PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES can quickly and conveniently provide test specimens, failure analysis, instrument repairs, replacement parts, and even new instruments, if the need arises. You eliminate the hassle of coordinating orders with multiple vendors and can easily track the status of your projects.

The size and layouts of our 66,000 sq. ft. main facility and 12,000 sq. ft. "South" location allow for efficient and safe processing of large-volume orders and large materials. Our value-added features include rush services, special packaging and handling and even free pick-up and delivery to customers within 60 miles of our facility. MEDGEN PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORIES makes the process simple, fast and convenient.